K is for Kreative


31 PLAYS IN 31 DAYS: Play21, Day 21 – K is for Kreative

LIGHTS UP on K, holding a microphone linked
to a lap-top computer. There’s a candle.

K: (vo)
So I came to the conclusion that my life was a sham. There was nothing to be done about it. Everyone’s life is a sham. We pretend to be happy, to be sad, pull long faces or pleasant smiles as society requires. There’s nothing to be done about it.

K manipulates the computer with a mouse.

K: (vo)
Came-came-came con-con-clusion life-sham-life-sham. Nothing-nothing-nothing-nothing to be done. Shabby-happy, shab-sad. Nothing-nothing-nothing to be done. Pull long faces, pull-pleasant smiles. Society requires. There’s nothing-nothing-nothing to be done.

K manipulates the computer again. We get hip-hop
boom box under this poetry.

K manipulates the computer. We hear the same lyric,
now as if recorded under a blues guitar riff, real bayou.

The lyrics may even vary, they may be the same, but
overall there’s a sense of mutability, of maliability.

K plays one more. It is techno-sounding one.
K shakes his head. He is not pleased.

K manipulates the computer. We hear the blues guitar riff.

It’s really more of a guitar riff.

K picks up an electric guitar, plays that riff live.
Lights a cigarette from the candle. Plays.

Naw, it’s really more of a novel.

K takes out a spoon, begins cooking over the candle.

Or a poem.

K takes out  a kit: hypodermic needle and syringe.

Or a movie.

K places his cigarette in an ashtray, focusing his attention on the heroin.

Or maybe a musical.



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